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Personally We Love To Trade Options And We Are Most Experienced In Options Selling, Intraday Trading And Swing Trading. Mostly We Use Price Action Strategy And Price Action Is Also Our Favorite Strategy For Intraday And Swing Trading.

We Started This Blog To Share Our Knowledge With Others, Because In India Lot Of People Don’t Know About Financial Education And They Don’t Know How To Manage There Money. These Is The Reason We Started This Blogging Website. Here We Explain Everything In Simple And Plain English With Out Any Difficult Words, So That Everyone Will Understand Easily Without Any Further Doubts.

Along With Stock Markets We Post Articles Regarding Technology About Future Technologies Or Regarding Space Or Any Other Topics And Nowadays The Talk Of The Town Is All About Cryptocurrency, But Honestly Most Of The People Don’t How Exactly It Works, So We Are Decided To Post About Cryptocurrency Also To Provide Enough Knowledge.

The Articles Are Very Informative And There Is A Lot Of Research Done For Each And Every Article, We Don’t Post Just For Quantity Of Posts, Behind Each And Every Post There Is Lot Of Research Done, You Can Trust Us.

In This We Post Articles About Stock Markets , Financial Education, Cryptocurrency And Technologies To Educate People.

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