Delta Corp Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030

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Delta Corp share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030: In this article, you will learn about Delta Corp share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030, along with the fundamentals and financials of the company.

For every investor, it is important to know about the company in which they are investing, to get the confidence to hold the stock for the long term. To make it clear for you, in this article we have mentioned Delta Corp share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030, along with the fundamentals of the company.

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Delta Corp: Company Profile

Delta Corp (formerly Arrow Webtex Limited) which was engaged in the business of textiles and real estate development/consultancy, is now the only listed company engaged in the casino (live, electronic and online) gaming industry in India. It is the only listed company engaged in the casino (live, electronic and online) gaming industry in India. The company, along with its Subsidiaries, currently own and operates casinos in India, in the states of Goa and Sikkim, offering thousands of gaming positions.

In addition, the company has also ventured into the fast-growing online gaming space through its acquisition of Gauss Networks Private Limited, which operates the online poker site ””. The company’s early-mover advantage has helped it to secure a leadership position, with the company holding three of the six offshore gaming licenses issued in Goa, one land-based casino in Goa, one in Sikkim, and three online gaming sites.

The company currently operates three offshore casinos in Goa. It operates Deltin Royale and Deltin JAQK, amongst the country’s two largest offshore casinos, and Deltin Caravela, the only floating hotel with a casino in India. The company also owns and operates the Deltin Suites, a 106 room, all-suite hotel with a casino located in Goa. The company also operates the Casino Deltin Denzong located at the Denzong Regency hotel in Gangtok, Sikkim. It also owns and operates The Deltin, a 176 room five-star hotel in Daman, which is an integrated resort with a proposed casino. It also owns and operates the online poker site ””, the online rummy site ”” and the online fantasy sports site ””.

Share Holding Pattern

Delta corp share price target

Net Profit

delta corp share price target

Net Sales

Delta corp share price target

Delta Corp Share Price Target 2023

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has, unlike other industry verticals, accelerated the growth of the gaming industry in 2020. Global lockdowns spurred enormous interest in gaming across all regions and platforms as people who were stuck at home sought alternative means of entertainment – bringing the gaming activity into the social mainstream. Consequently, gaming companies increased their products and services to meet the demands. Virtual and mobile platforms are attracting more than hundreds and thousands of new visitors in online traffic.

The gaming industry continued to be the fastest-growing segment in the global media & entertainment market in 2020. The gaming industry generated revenue of around US$ 177.8 billion in 2020, registering 23.9% growth over 2019 and the highest growth since 2012. The global games market is expected to register revenues of US$ 175.8 billion in 2021, representing a year-on-year (YoY) marginal decline of 1.1%. The industry is expected to reach US$ 204.6 billion by 2023, registering a CAGR of 7.2% over 2019-23.

The increasing proliferation of mobile phones and easy availability of games on the internet along with innovations in both hardware and software are expected to have a positive impact on the growth of the global gaming market. In addition, the growing adoption of mobile and browser games which offer free-to-play business models is another trend that is gaining traction in the gaming market. Mobile gaming will be the fastest-growing segment over the coming years. Delta Corp share price target for 2023 is Rs 232.

Delta Corp share price target 2023
Rs 232

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Delta Corp Share Price Target 2024

India is amongst the top five mobile gaming markets in the world. The online gaming sector is mainly divided into three key segments – real money games (RMG), mobile-centric/ casual games, and e-sports. Within the RMG, the further sub-classifications include rummy, poker, daily fantasy sports, and quizzing. The key reason for uptake of gaming in the last few years is mainly led by mobile as a primary driver and is the preferred form of gaming for the majority of the gamers. Online gaming companies have witnessed a spurt in traffic in 2020 as firms went into shutdown mode or work from home triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working professionals and students have turned to online games for entertainment and social connection. The online gaming segment grew 18% in 2020 to reach ` 77 billion as online gamers grew 20% from 300 million in 2019 to 360 million in 2020. Of the total online gamers, an estimated 85% are mobile gamers. The count of online gamers in India is expected to reach 510 million by 2022. This will impact on Delta corp share price target in the long run.

According to the FICCI-EY report, the online gaming segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27% to reach 155 billion by 2023 and become the third-largest segment of the Indian M&E sector. The segment will grow across all its verticals viz. esports, fantasy sport, casual gaming, and other games of skill, but revenue growth will be led by mobile-based real-money gaming applications across these verticals. Growth will be further aided by 5G-led innovations across cloud gaming, cross-platform gaming, e-commerce gamification, and Virtual reality games. By considering all the above-mentioned factors, Delta Corp share price target for 2024 is Rs 351.

Delta Corp share price target 2024
Rs 351

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Delta Crop Share Price Target 2025

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly accelerated many trends in the games market, helping engagement spike across the globe. Gaming has etched itself into the habits of people during the lockdown and hence the growth is likely to continue going forward. However, the level of growth maintained throughout 2020 will not be replicated in 2021, given the unique circumstances of the year. The global gaming market is expected to reach US$ 204.6 billion by 2023, registering a CAGR of 7.2% during the period 2019-23.

Emerging markets will drive much of these new revenues, as infrastructure and economies continue to grow across regions like Southeast Asia and the Middle East & Northern Africa. Among the gaming segments, mobile gaming driven predominantly by Smartphones will continue to be the fastest-growing segment. However, it will take time for nextgen console supply to catch up to demand. Cloud gaming revenues are expected to exceed US$ 1 billion for the first time in 2021 when most of the major players including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft will have launched their services across various platforms.

Some of the other factors propelling the gaming market are empowering nature of games, availability of different genres, such as strategy, action, simulation, etc., and a shift from physical games to online games. The gaming industry has also expanded its reach and application to other industry verticals. A key vertical is the education sector, where the infusion of gaming along with learning has led to the emergence of the gamified early learning segment where a combination of education and gaming is used to provide a novel way of learning. Delta Corp share price target for 2025 is Rs 391.

Delta Corp share price target for 2025
Rs 391

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Delta Corp Share Price Target 2030

Among key growth drivers for the gaming industry are macro factors like increasing smartphone penetration, internet penetration, young population, and adoption of digital payments adoption. Besides, there are supply-side factors like an increase in the supply of world-class titles, games with localized content, new features such as multiplayer and social elements added to games, and an increase in investor interest at large. A few of the growth drivers are discussed below in detail

Increasing Smartphone and Internet Penetration

Online gaming has shown robust growth on account of the increase in wireless internet users and smartphone base. Feature-rich smartphones and the focus of developers and publishers on pushing downloads of apps are likely to drive the consumption of gaming. As per KPMG Report on Online gaming, smartphone users in India are expected to increase from 500 million in 2019 to 842 million in 2024. India is a data-rich market with cheaper mobile data as compared to global averages. Wireless internet users are expected to increase from 700 million to 940 million by 2024.

Adoption of digital payment methods

An increase in penetration of digital payments instruments driven by demonetization, the Government’s focus on Unified Payments Interface (UPI), and the COVID-19 induced lockdown has contributed to the rapid growth in online payments on gaming portals. Digital payments are expected to increase at a rapid pace over the coming years. As per RBI, digital transactions could reach from 5 trillion a day in 2020 to 15 trillion a day by 2025.

Initiatives to Increase Gamer Engagement

Online gaming companies have started to incorporate various social elements such as multiplayer modes, chat functionality, leader boards, etc., specifically after the COVID-19 pandemic to increase gamer engagement.

Multi Player Formats

This format engages more than 1/3rd of India’s gamers by providing them with an opportunity for social interaction and a sense of achievement over other gamers. They are more likely to pay for games and make in-app purchases.

The rise of Indian game developers

As the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology banned 220 Chinese-owned apps in 2020, several of which were gaming apps, it paved the way for Indian game developers to fill the gap created. As of 2020, it is estimated that there are over 400 gaming start-ups in India and around 5,527 Indian game publishers representing 3% of all are present on the Google Play Store. India is also a global talent hub for the gaming industry. With ‘AatmaNirbhar Bharat’ and ‘Make in India’, promoting Indian game developers will help India position itself as a market leader in gaming. This will have a positive impact on the Delta corp share price target.

Growth in Investment

Various global investment firms have made significant investments in the Indian gaming sector over the past 2 to 3 years, helping gaming companies achieve operating scale. As per KPMG, the Gaming sector in India attracted investments worth US$ 544 million during Aug 2020-Jan 2021.

Technologies for immersive and accessible gaming

New technologies help to make digital games more immersive and interactive. Augmented Reality (“AR”) blurs the distinction between a virtual environment and the real world. Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) helps to enhance a user’s gaming experience by personalizing it. Cloud gaming technologies bring heavy software to an average user’s mobile phone. The gaming industry continues to explore new technologies for a novel game experience and increased accessibility.

By considering all the above-mentioned opportunities and the opportunities the industry has to grow its business in the future, Delta corp share price target for 2030 is Rs 940.

Delta Corp share price target 2030
Rs 940

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Delta Corp Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030

YearDelta Corp Share Price Target
Delta Corp share price target 2023Rs 232
Delta Corp share price target 2024Rs 351
Delta Corp share price target 2025Rs 391
Delta Corp share price target 2030Rs 940

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Delta Corp share good to buy?

Yes, Delta corp is a good share to buy for the long term. Delta Corp is also held by the Indian warren buffet Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. The company is virtually debt-free and the company is maintaining effective average operating margins of 31% in the last 5 years.

What is the future of Delta corp share?

As offline casinos continue to navigate remaining operational and ensuring the health and safety of guests and staff. Going ahead, the digital evolution within the casino industry is expected to grow and will trigger conversations among regulators to lead the industry forward. In the future, Delta Corp will have a lot of opportunities to grow its business and we are positive about Delta corp.

Is Delta corp good for long term?

Yes, Delta corp is a good stock for the long term. As it is the only company in the casino industry. Delta corp is also strong in terms of financials and fundamentals, so we are positive on Delta Corp for the long term.

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