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I Know Everyone Heard a Lot Of Facts About Apple. But I Had Done A Lot Of Research On Apple And Came Up With Some Interesting And Amazing Facts. In This Article, We Are Gonna Focus On Some Facts That Most Of the People Don’t Know Or Never Heard About It Before.


Founders Of Apple

Apple Had Three Founders We All Know That Steve Jobs And Steve Wozniak Put Together The First Apple Computer In The Garage.

But Few Know A Third Guy Was Working along With Them. Ronald Wayne, Not Only Did He Developed The Computer, He Wrote It’s Manual And Even Came Up With Apple First Logo.

When He Realize Apple Might Not Make It, He Sold His Shares For 800 Dollars. Now That Shares Would Be worth 40 Billion dollars.

How Apple Started

Apple Was Started With A Calculator, To Start The Company Jobs Sold His VW Microbus And Wozniak Sold His Scientific Calculator.

That Might Sound One-Sided But The Fact Is That The Scientific Calculator Was Worth More Than A Van Back then, Wozniak Managed To Sell It For 500 Dollars.

About Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Is The Son Of An Syrian Immigrant, Few People Know That Steve Jobs Was Adopted.

Even Fewer Know That His Father Was Abdul Fattah Jandali A Syrian Immigrant That Got Joanne Schieble Pregnant In College Due to Parental Issues The Baby Was Put Up For Adoption.

Although The Mother Insisted The Baby Be Adopted By Educated People, Young Steve Was Adopted By Paul Jobs A High School Dropout, And Clara Jobs Who Hadn’t Finished college.

Apple Clothing

In 1986 Apple started A clothing Line, They Called The Apple Collection. You Might Have Never Heard Of It Because The Project Failed.

Computer Mouse

Steve Jobs Invented The Computer Mouse By Stealing It From Xerox.

While Visiting Xeroxes Research Centre He Noticed A Three Button Mouse That Would Have Been Perfect for His Apple Interface.

The Only Problem Is That It Cost 300 dollars. So He Had The Team Down One Of The Buttons And Cost down To 15 dollars.

Operating System

Bill Gates Stolen Windows From Apple. Steve Jobs Asked Bill Gates With Creating An Operating System For Apple. After Developing The Product Bill Saw Its Standalone Potential And Decided To Never Deliver It and Started Selling Windows On His Own.

Steve Jobs War On Google

In The Last Years Of His Life Steve Jobs Declared War On Google. Steve Said In A Quote.

I Will Spend My Last Dying Breath To Right This Wrong, I Am Going To Destroy Android Because of Its A Stolen Product. I Am Willing To Go Thermonuclear War On This. They Are Scared To Death Because They Know They Are Guilty”.

Wealth Of Apple

Apple Is Wealthy It Makes Around 300 Thousand Dollars Every Minute. In Fact, In 2011 apple Overtook the U.S Government In Terms Of Cash In Hand.

About Siri

Siri Was Released As A Standalone App On Apple App Store And Was Originally Planned To Come To Both Android And Even Blackberry That Is Until Apple Acquired Siri And Building It Exclusively Into Their Own Devices.

Digital Color Camera

Apple Was One Of The First In The World To Make A Digital Color Camera.

At That Time When People Were Taking Photos And They Were Used To Wait An Entire Week Before They Could see Them After They Developed This Was Kind Of Huge.

Trademark For IPHONE And IOS

In 2007 The iPhone Was Unveiled.

But You Might Not Have Known That The Trademark For IPHONE And IOS Were Not Owned By Apple. But Instead By A Networking Company Called Cisco And Apple has Just Been Paying Them For License.

Glass Display And The Birth Of Gorilla Glass

In 2007 The iPhone Shown On Stage Had A Plastic Display.

It’s Only After the Announcement That Steve Jobs Picked His Phone Up And He Looked At The display And Realized He Had Scratches.

He Told The Team By The Time This Phone Launches It Has To Be Glass And So In A Weird Kind Of Way This Was The Birth Of Gorilla Glass.

The Company Corning Had Developed This Technology, This durable Glass 40 Years Ago But Had Just Been Sitting On A Shelf. Because They Had No Use For It Until The iPhone.

75 Elements In An IPHONE

An iPhone Is Built Using As Many As 75 Elements That Is Two Third Of The Entire Periodic Table. So it is Not Entirely Surprising That Inside An iPhone You Have Got Small Amounts Of Gold, Silver, And Platinum.

Steve Jobs Left Apple

In The Year 1985, Steve Jobs Left Apple. But After Leaving Apple Jobs Did Two Incredible Things.

He Helped Fund A Small Computer Graphics Company Known As The Graphics Group At The Time.

But This Later Became Known As PIXAR And In Part Through His Funding, They Created TOY STORY.

The Second Was Jobs Created A Completely New Computer Company Called NEXT.

And It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Apple Ended Up Buying This Company which Brought Jobs Right Back Into Apple.

Conclusion : Facts About Apple

These Are The Some Of The Amazing And Interesting Facts About Apple. If You Know Any Facts That Most People Don’t Know. Feel Free To Let Me Know In The Comment Section.