liquor companies in India listed in stock market: Top 9 Companies

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In this article, you are going to learn about the top 9 liquor companies in India listed in stock market.

9. Som Distilleries &Breweries

The first company in the list of liquor companies in India listed in stock market is, Som Distilleries and Breweries, incorporated on March 26, 1993, is engaged in manufacturing beer and Indian-made foreign liquor. The company owns brands such as Hunter Extra Strong Premium Beer, Legend Premium Beer, and Legend Premium Lager Beer. It has manufacturing facilities in Bhopal, where it has brewing, storing, and layering facilities. The company’s manufacturing facilities are spread over 20 acres in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh with an annual capacity of 3.6 million cases.

A joint collaboration with Falcon Traders in Goa will enable the company to venture into the Goan markets for the very first time with its own and other brands. Sales would be promoted in the western and southern markets through this alliance.

Among the few companies which have production and marketing infrastructure for Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and beer products, the company develops export markets for its products in Europe, the Middle East, and CIS countries and has been exporting products to London. It undertakes contract manufacturing for clients including Mendoza Vino, USA, and United Breweries.

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8. Jagatjit Industries

The second company in the list of liquor companies in India listed in stock market is; Jagatjit Industries was founded in the year 1944 by late L PJaiswal in the erstwhile state of Kapurthala under the patronage of its Maharaja Jagatjit Singh. The company manufactures and markets alcoholic beverages, malt, malt extract, malted milk foods, milk powder, ghee, glass, and pet containers.    

JIL manufactures the entire range of alcoholic beverages i.e. Whisky, Rum, Gin, and Vodka. The company’s USP is to provide superior brands to customers at an affordable price. Ranked as the third largest IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) producer in the country, JIL”s main focus of business lies in the manufacture, distribution, and sale of IMFL. The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing base which is located in the district of Kapurthala, Punjab.

JIL is exporting its own products as well as other products to various countries like:

• UAE • Oman • Saudi Arabia • Bangladesh • UAE • Sri Lanka • Malaysia • UK. Japan • Portugal• Belgium


  • 1. Liquor
    • Rum Base, Vodka Base, Gin Base, Vodka.
  • Food Products
    • Malted Milk Food Products, Dairy Products, Malt Extracts, Apple Juice.
  • Glass Containers
    • Glass bottles, Jars of various sizes for liquor, soft drinks, food products, and pharmaceuticals.

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7. Tilaknagar Industries

Tilaknagar Industries (TI) which is the erstwhile ‘The Maharashtra Sugar Mills Limited’ (MSM) was promoted in 1933 by the illustrious industrialist and visionary Mahadev L Dahanukar popularly known as Babasaheb Dahanukar. The company was then engaged in the manufacture of sugar and allied products.

Tilaknagar Distilleries & Industries was promoted as a 100% subsidiary of The Maharashtra Sugar Mills. The year 1973 saw TI diversify into the businesses of industrial alcohol, Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), and sugar cubes. Both Maharashtra Sugar Mills and Tilaknagar Distilleries & Industries Ltd have been merged to form Tilaknagar Industries (TI) with effect from August 6, 1993. Since then TI has been engaged in the business of manufacture and distribution of spirit and Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL). There has been no change in the promoter of the company. The ‘Dahanukar family’ continues to be the promoter of Tilaknagar Industries, sharing the same vision and values of the founders.

Babasaheb’s efforts were guided by noted freedom fighter Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, and he named the factory complex ”Tilaknagar” as a token of respect for Lokmanya Tilak. The company had an unfailing record of paying dividends for more than 50 years. In deference to the policy of the government to have all sugar businesses in the country under the control and management of cooperative societies formed by farmers, the company had to stop its sugar business in 1987.

Due to its core competency in alcoholic beverages and conscious efforts, TI swiftly established its distinct identity in the liquor industry. Today TI’s brand portfolio consists of unique and diverse brands that enjoy excellent consumer preference solely due to their quality and value for money.

The distillery of the company has the capacity to produce more than 60,000 liters of alcohol per day. In addition to TI’s own distilleries and factory at Tilaknagar (Maharashtra), India, the company also has a lease/tie-up with 24 more factories that cater to expanding demand in both domestic and export markets.

The exports are catered from TI’s main factory in Tilaknagar (Maharashtra) to ensure impeccable quality control and supervision. TI is exporting to many overseas markets in Africa, Caribbean Islands, and Asia.

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6. Associated Alcohols & Breweries

Associated Alcohols and Breweries (AABL) is one of the largest distilleries in India and the flagship company of the Associated Kedia Group an Rs. 100 crore liquor conglomerate with interests in liquor manufacturing and bottling.

Extra Neutral Alcohol is a vital ingredient in the making of an alcoholic beverage. AABL supplies this vital ingredient to many leading manufacturers under a special agreement. In the IMFL segment, the company has an understanding with reputed companies like Diageo (owner of brands like Smirnoff vodka and Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky), Mason and Summers, and Diageo-Radico. These companies buy a total of 55-60% of the total IMFL produced by AABL. The balance production is used for direct supplies to the branded suppliers across the country, apart from manufacturing its own branded products.

AABL has chalked out a huge greenfield expansion plan to capture domestic and international demand and serve all the segments of alcohol ranging from country liquors to IMFL. This plan includes setting up a multi-pressure ENA plant, a collector plant, a Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant, and a 2 MW power plant. AABL is setting up a multi-pressure ENA plant. This plant will completely replace the older plant and increase its production capacity from the present 42 MLPA to 65 MLPA. The multi-pressure ENA plant cuts down the stages in the manufacture and thus improves process efficiency.

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5. GM Breweries

GM Breweries was incorporated in the year December 1981. The company is engaged in the manufacture of alcoholic liquor. It blends and bottles alcoholic liquor and concentrates more on country liquor. It has its manufacturing unit in the Thane district of Maharashtra with installed capacities of 82.6 million bulk liters of country liquor and 12.4 million bulk liters of Indian-made foreign liquor.

The company markets its products brandy, rum, and whiskey under brand names Pioneer Doctor Brandy, Pioneer Special Doctor Brandy, Hot Shot Rum, and Reporter Choice Whiskey. The company has imported oakwood barrels to mature the whiskey in order to impart the liquor with the correct character, color, strength, and distinctive taste.

The company has a major presence in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane and is the single largest manufacturer of country liquor in Maharashtra.

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4. Globus Spirits

Globus Spirits (GSL) was originally incorporated as Globus Agronics Limited on February 16, 1993, with the Registrar of Companies, Delhi & Haryana, and obtained the Certificate of Commencement of Business on March 19, 1993. The name of the Company was subsequently changed to Globus Spirits Limited vide a fresh Certificate of Incorporation obtained on January 23, 2007, from the Registrar of Companies, Delhi and Haryana at New Delhi.

The company’s product excellence has enabled it to pioneer branding in the IMIL space with the launch of India’s 1st ENA-based country liquor brand- Nimboo. As a first for the industry, the company gave the bottom of the pyramid consumer a better tasting product, along with superior packaging that the consumers otherwise expect from other FMCG lines. This has led to a higher value perception of its brands. Little wonder then, that every day it is redefining ‘country liquor’ in India.

The company’s manufacturing facilities are ENAbling excellence by maximizing yields from raw material. Its fully operational production units allow it to maximize alcohol yield while maximizing the production of by-products leading to complete utilization of the raw material. These facilities are also ENAbling a clean environment with a zero pollution footprint and cogeneration of power using renewable biomass as fuel.  

Globus Spirits Limited (the Group) is primarily engaged in the business of manufacture and sale of Indian Made Indian Liquor (IMIL), Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), Bulk Alcohol hand sanitizer, and Franchise Bottling.

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3. Radico Khaitan

Radico Khaitan Limited (RKL) is one of the oldest and the largest manufacturers of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) in India. Earlier known as Rampur Distillery, RKL commenced its operations in 1943, and over the years emerged as a major bulk spirits supplier and bottler to other spirit manufacturers.

Radico Khaitan Limited has come a long way in its exceptional journey of growth and brand creation to become one of the most admired liquor brands across India. It is one of the few companies in India to have developed its entire brand portfolio organically. With over 15 brands and their distinct variants, the rich history of 75 years continues to set the pace for today and shape the business outlook for tomorrow.

Radico Khaitan Limited is also one of the largest providers of branded IMFL to the Canteen Stores Department (CSD), which has significant business barriers to entry. The company has been successfully building its brand equity in international markets and currently exports its products to many countries.

Business Today Magazine, a leading business magazine from the India Today Group listed Radico Khaitan Limited among the top 500 in the list of India’s most valuable companies.

The company is engaged in the manufacturing and trading of alcoholic products such as Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), Alcohol, Country Liquor, etc. The company has its presence in India as well as various other global markets.

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2. United Breweries

In 1915, the foundation of Good Times was laid with the coming together of 5 breweries in South India. The company’s beer business has shown strong growth and it is the undisputed king of the Indian beer market. United Breweries Limited is synonymous with innovation and aggressive marketing that is complemented by a strong distribution network that encompasses an impressive spread of owned and contract manufacturing facilities across the country.

The company’s flagship brand ”Kingfisher”, has achieved international recognition consistently, and has won many awards at international beer festivals. Its most popular beer, Kingfisher Premium Lager beer, is currently available in many countries and leads the way among Indian beers in the international market.

The company is into the breweries business. It is among the largest beer company.

1. United Spirits

liquor companies in India listed in stock market

United Spirits (USL), is the largest spirits company in India and a flagship entity of the UB group. It manufactures a wide range of whisky, vodka, rum, and other spirits. United Spirits is among the top three spirits companies in the world. USL has a global footprint with exports to over 37 countries. It has a sizeable presence in India with distilleries and sales offices all across the country, and a committed team of over 7500 people dedicated to the fulfillment of the company’s mission. It has established manufacturing and bottling plants in every state of India. In addition, to deliver its products to customers located anywhere in India, USL has established a robust distribution network covering the whole country.

Its brands include Black Dog 12 YO Deluxe Scotch Whisky, Black Dog Centenary Scotch Whisky, Antiquity Blue Whisky, Antiquity Rare Whisky, Signature Whisky, Single Malt Whisky, DSP Black Whisky, Celebration Rum, McDowell”s No.1 Brandy, White Mischief Vodka, Premium Romanov and Blue Riband Gin.

United Spirits acquired the leading distiller of Scotch whisky Whyte & Mackay and  Bouvet Ladubay, a wine subsidiary of French champagne company Taittinger. Whyte & Mackay and Bouvet Ladubay are now 100% subsidiaries making United Spirits a manufacturer of 17 millionaire brands.

This is all about the liquor companies in India listed in stock market.

Liquor companies in India listed in stock market

  1. United Spirits.
  2. United Breweries.
  3. Radico Khaitan.
  4. Globus Spirits.
  5. GM Breweries.
  6. Associated Alcohols and Breweries.
  7. Tilaknagar Industries.
  8. Jagatjit Industries.
  9. Som Distilleries and Breweries.

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