MRF Share Price History From 1990 to 2022

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MRF is a limited company, incorporated on November 05, 1960, in India, whose shares are publicly traded. MRF’s origin traces back to the humble shack in Madras that housed its first makeshift toy balloon manufacturing unit set up by KM Mammen Mappillai in 1946. It was not until 1952 that it changed course and turned to tread rubber manufacturing. Thus began its glorious reign as the undisputed leader in the tyre making industry.

By the early 60s, MRF was exporting its quality tyres to offices overseas in multiple countries and soon its presence was known globally in different countries – with tyres rolling out of various facilities built across large acres, many strong dealer networks and many different offices.

MRF’s passion for motorsports is seen through its involvement in racing, karting, rallying and various other motorsport events. Its rallying team has won the prestigious FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship twice and even in international championships, MRF karting tyres homologated by FIA are the preferred choice. The company is India’s largest tyre manufacturer and ranked amongst the Top 20 Global Manufacturers, with 10 state-of-the-art factories across India.

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MRF Share Price History From 1990 to 2022

MRF share price in 1990 was below 10 rupees and MRF was listed on the stock market in the year 1993.

YearShare Price In January

MRF Share price History – From Rs 11 to Rs 70,000 in Just 29 years

MRF (Madras Rubber Factory), which debuted as a public company with a face value of Rs 10 per share, has delivered more than 8,00,000 per cent returns to investors in the last 29 years. On April 27, 1993, the company’s share closed at Rs 11 compared to the current price of Rs 67,000 on BSE. The scrip hit its lifetime high of Rs 93,000 in January 2022.

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MRF Share Business Area

MRF is engaged in the manufacturing, distribution and sale of tyres for various kinds of vehicles. The company offers tyre shopping, tyredrome and tyre maintenance services. It provides an institute for driver development. It is also India’s largest Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) tyre supplier with an expansive tyre range from two-wheelers to fighter aircrafts.

MRF Share Chart History

MRF Share price in 1990

MRF Share Holding Pattern

mrf share price in 1990

MRF Share Milestones

  • 1946: K. M. Mammen Mappillai started MRF’s journey as a toy balloon manufacturing unit in a shed in Tiruvottiyur in Madras in 1946.
  • 1949: By 1949, the company was making latex cast toys, gloves and contraceptives and established its first office at 334, Thambu Chetty Street, Madras (now Chennai), Tamil Nadu, India.
  • 1952: MRF’s venture into the manufacture of tread rubber in 1952 put them on the road and into the big leagues.
  • 1956: By 1956, within 4 years, MRF was the market leader of tread rubber in India with a 50% share.
  • 1961: 1961 proved to be a fruitful year. MRF became a public company, established a technical collaboration with the Mansfield Tire & Rubber Company based in the USA and then the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Mr K. Kamaraj released the first tyre from MRF’s new pilot plant at Tiruvottiyur.
  • 1963: Pandit Nehru laid the foundation stone for the Rubber Research Centre at Tiruvottiyur on June 12, 1963, commemorating the inauguration of the Tiruvottiyur factory.
  • 1964: MRF set up an overseas office at Beirut in 1964, one of India’s first efforts at exporting tyres and building an identity. The MRF Muscleman was born.
  • 1967: MRF became the first Indian company to export tyres to the very birthplace of tyre technology, the United States.
  • 1970: MRF opened its second plant at Kottayam.
  • 1971: The third plant of MRF is inaugurated in Goa.
  • 1972: MRF’s fourth plant came up in Arakkonam.
  • 1973: In 1973, MRF became one of India’s first companies to manufacture and market Nylon passenger car tyres commercially.
  • 1978: MRF developed the MRF Superlug-78, a sturdy tyre for heavy-duty trucks. The tyre was a significant improvement over its existing products and went on to become the country’s largest-selling truck tyre in the later years.
  • 1985: MRF Nylogrip tyres for two-wheeled vehicles were launched.
  • 1988: MRF’s foray into sports began with the setting up of the MRF Pace Foundation in 1988 under the command of Dennis Lillee, developing bowling superstars of the future from India and abroad.
  • 1989: MRF collaborated with Hasbro International USA, the world’s largest toymakers, and launched Funskool India.
  • 1989: The Company also entered into collaborations with Vapocure Australia to manufacture polyurethane paint formulations and with Pirelli for MUSCLEFLEX Conveyor & Elevator.
  • 1989: MRF opens its Medak unit.
  • 1989: The company sponsored the MRF World Series Cricket Tournament for the Jawaharlal Nehru Trophy.
  • 1989: MRF grew in recognition, collaboration and offered customers a great new experience by opening the MRF Tyredrome, India’s first tyre company owned wheel care complex at Madras in 1989.
  • 1990: MRF brought the 6th World Cup Boxing Championship to Mumbai – the first of its kind with 39 countries participating.
  • 1993: In 1993, K.M. Mammen Mapillai became the first South Indian industrialist to be awarded the Padmashri.
  • 1996: By MRF’s golden jubilee in 1996, and started a special factory dedicated entirely to the manufacture of radials at Pondicherry.
  • 1997: MRF ventured into F3 cars for the very first time.
  • 1997: 1st T&S store in the country was inaugurated.
  • 2001: Won the JD Power award for the 1st time
  • 2001: MRF won the APRC rally with its rally team
  • 2003: MRF registers its second APRC victory.
  • 2005: MRF wins its third APRC rally.
  • 2007: MRF made a turnover of 1 Billion Dollars.
  • 2007: MRF launches ZSLK tyres – the first eco-friendly tyre.
  • 2008: MRF wins the JD Power award again for the 6th time.
  • 2011: MRF commissioned its seventh Plant at Ankanpally (A.P).
  • 2011: MRF made a turnover of 2 Billion Dollars.
  • 2011: MRF commissioned its 8th plant for the production of conventional tyres in Trichy(TN).
  • 2012: MRF commissioned its 9th plant in Trichy (TN) solely for the manufacture of Radial Tyres.
  • 2013: Won the JD Power award for the 10th time.
  • 2013: MRF”s Aero Muscle becomes the only Indian tyre to be chosen for the legendary fighter jet – Sukhoi 30 MKI.
  • 2013: Team MRF’s Gaurav Gill wins his first Asia-Pacific Rally Championship.
  • 2014: Won the JD Power award for the 11th time.
  •  2014: MRF wins the APRC Championship for the 6th time.
  • 2015: MRF breaks into Forbes India”s Super 50 list of the best companies in India.
  • 2016: MRF wins the JD Power Award for a record 12th time in 16 years.
  • 2017: MRF jumps 5 rankings to garner a spot in the coveted list of Super 30 Companies in India.
  • 2017: MRF climbs higher in the global rankings, to make it to the list of Top 15 Tire Companies.
  • 2017: MRF featured in the esteemed Brandz list of Top 50 Valuable Indian brands.
  • 2017: MRF claims a position in Business World’s list of the Fastest Growing Companies.
  • 2017: Gaurav Gill of Team MRF claims the Coffee Day Rally and with it his 3rd APRC crown.
  • 2018: The JD Power Award comes home for the 13th time.
  • 2019: MRF launches the ‘Nylogrip Ezeeride’, which boasts of making every motorcycle ride an Ezeeride & is one of the most innovative additions to its range of tyres.
  • 2020: MRF has partly commissioned Phase 1 of its Greenfield unit at Dahej Industrial Area, Vagra Taluka, Bharuch district in the state of Gujarat.

Frequently Asked Questions

MRF Share Price in 1990?

MRF share price in 1990 was below 10 rupees. MRF was listed on the stock market in the year 1993 at a price of Rs 11 and a face value of 10.

MRF share price in 1993?

MRF share price in 1993 was Rs 11.

MRF share price in 2020?

MRF share price in 2020 was Rs 70,000.

MRF share price in 2021?

MRF share price in 2021 was Rs 92,000.

MRF share price in 2000?

MRF share price in 2000 was Rs 1,700.

MRF share price in 2010?

MRF share price in 2010 was Rs 6,500.

What was price of MRF share in 1990?

MRF share price in 1990 was below 10 rupees and now the share price of MRF is around Rs 70,000 which is an 8,00,000% return in just 29 years.

What was the share price of MRF in 1993?

MRF share price in 1993 was 11 rupees, and now MRF is trading at Rs70,000 which is a return of more than 8,00,000% in just 29 years.