RBL Bank Share Price Target For 2023, 2025, and 2030

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If you want to invest in RBL Bank share or going to hold for the long term then it is very important for you to know about the RBL Bank share price target.

In this article, we will give you the RBL Bank share price target 2023, 2025, and 2030 based on the company’s past stock analysis, present and future investments, and technical analysis.

From this RBL Bank share price target article, you will get all the information which you will be able to decide whether you should buy RBL Bank shares or not.

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RBL Bank Company Overview

RBL Bank is one of India’s leading private sector banks with an expanding presence across the country. The Bank offers specialized services under five business verticals namely: Corporate & Institutional Banking, Commercial Banking, Branch & Business Banking, Retail Assets, and Treasury and Financial Markets Operations. It currently services over 10.66 million customers through a network of 500 branches; 1,424 business correspondent branches (of which 274 banking outlets) and 407 ATMs spread across 28 Indian states and Union Territories.

RBL Bank share price target for 2022, 2023, 2025, and 2030
Share Holding Pattern

RBL Bank stock price forecast for two weeks

Two weeks stock analysis forecast data by our experts

DateTarget 1 Forecast
Price Near
Target 2 Forecast
Price Near
12 February 2022 to 21 February 2022143.5145
22 February 2022 to 28 February 2022147149.75
1 March 2022 to 7 March 2022150154

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RBL Bank Share Price Target 2023, 2025, and 2030

Year-wise RBL Bank stock price, you can get an analysis from our RBL Bank share price target long-term table.

Target YearsRBL Bank Share Price
2023 (Target-1)Rs 183
2023 (Target-2)Rs 191
2025 (Target-1)Rs 271
2025 (Target-2)Rs 287
2030 (Target-1)Rs 610
2030 (Target-2)Rs 655

RBL Bank stock price target 2023

RBL Bank saw strong momentum in its total deposits which grew to 73,121 Crore, up 26% over the previous year. CASA growth was strong at 36% year on year. RBL Bank CASA ratio improved from 29.6% in FY 2019-20 to 31.8% in FY 2020-21 and further increased to 33.7% by June 30, 2021. RBL Bank Net Interest Income was up 4% year on year at 3,788 Crore with Net Interest Margins (NIM) at 4.48%.

RBL Bank’s Other Income grew 8% to 2,058 Crore. Similarly, RBL Bank Core Fee Income, despite the lockdown in the country during the first half of the fiscal year was marginally higher at 1,757 Crore. RBL Bank Pre-Provisioning Operating Profit was strong and reflected satisfactory growth of 14% to Rs 3,091 Crore.

The first RBL Bank share price is expected to be close to Rs 183, and the second RBL Bank stock price is near Rs 191.

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RBL Bank Share Price Target 2025

RBL Bank is the 5th largest card player in the industry with a card base of 3 million. Its approach over the next 2-3 years would be to continue to focus on partnerships with other relevant and well-known brands and platforms like Zomato, Bankbazaar, etc. to expand reach/access to customers, while Bajaj Finance would remain our largest partner. RBL Bank will integrate the cards business with other parts of our banking franchise

In micro banking, RBL Bank has been able to evolve processes, enabling it to seamlessly manage branch operations and customer engagement across 1,200 districts. RBL Bank onboarding and other branch operations have now been completely digitized. RBL Bank continues to closely work with our customers through this period. The bank focus is to;

  • Expand into other areas of secured loans, such as two-wheeler, home extension, loans against gold, etc.
  • Deepen relationships with existing customer households and offer a range of products.
  • Increase our distribution via RBL FinServe to reach 70-75% of the districts in Tier 4 and Tier 5 geographies over the next 3 to 5 years.

Based on this, the first RBL Bank share price is expected to be around Rs 271, and the second RBL Bank share price will be Rs 287.

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RBL Bank Share Price Target 2030

If we talk about RBL Bank share price target 2030, it is very long term, RBL Bank is diversifying across secured businesses and reducing concentration risks. The same is being achieved by leveraging its domain expertise in some of its leading businesses and expanding to new interconnected businesses such as affordable housing, tractor finance, secured MSME loans, home improvement, and two-wheeler loans.

In its housing business, RBL Bank currently has 66 branches and plan to add another 50 branches in FY 2021-22 and 120 branches over the next two years. In rural markets, RBL Bank is beginning to build a tractor finance book. This will see greater traction in the coming years.

In 3 to 4 years, RBL Bank plans to achieve exponential growth in its total consumer base, who will engage with the bank for a variety of products and services spanning deposits, cards, loans, payments, Demat, insurance, investment, etc.

On the basis of this experts believe that in 2030 the first RBL Bank share price target could be Rs 610, and the second RBL Bank share rate target could be Rs 655.

Final Word

This RBL Bank share price target article is written as per the technical analysis of the company and our experts, you can buy the shares as per your financial advisor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy RBL Bank shares?

If you want to hold for the long term, then you can RBL Bank shares without a second thought.

Is RBL Bank good?

Yes, RBL Bank is a good company. RBL Bank has consistently maintaining a NIM of 3.84% for the last 3 years, a good capital adequacy ratio of 1.5%, and delivered a good income growth of 22% over the past 3 years.

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