SRF Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030

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SRF share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030: In this article, you will learn about SRF share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030, along with the fundamentals and financials of the company.

For every investor, it is important to know about the company in which they are investing, to get the confidence to hold the stock for the long term. To make it clear to you, in this article we have mentioned SRF share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030, along with the fundamentals of the company.

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SRF Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030: Company Profile

SRF began as Shri Ram Fibres in 1970 when its parent company DCM decided to set up a separate entity to manufacture nylon tyre cord fibres. Its formation was a result of the foresight that nylon was the future material for tyre cord fibres. The company established its first plant in Manali near Chennai in 1973. Over the years, the company not only expanded its product range under Technical Textiles but also diversified into many adjacent businesses.

Besides Technical Textiles, the company’s business profile constitutes Fluorochemicals, Specialty Chemicals, and Packaging Films. Equipped with state-of-the-art R&D facilities, the company boasts of its Chemical Technology Group which is actively involved in process innovations and product development.

The Company is a chemical-based multi-business entity engaged in the manufacturing of industrial and specialty intermediates. The company classifies its businesses as Technical Textiles, Chemicals, Packaging Films, and Other Businesses.

The company’s product portfolio is broadly categorized into – Technical Textiles, Chemicals, and Packaging Films.

Share Holding Pattern

SRF Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Net Sales

SRF Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Net Profit

SRF Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

SRF Share Price Target 2023

In FY 2020-21, SRF’s Packaging Films Business witnessed robust growth of 26% Y-o-Y to achieve record revenues of 3,292 crores. Scale, operating leverage, better margins, and strong demand from marquee customers across the globe helped establish SRF as a renowned player in the global packaging industry. With a new BOPET film line in Rayong, Thailand, and the startup of our operations in Hungary, SRF’s plants now have a combined annual capacity of 270,000 tons of BOPET and BOPP films, making it one of the biggest producers of both types of films.

Back home in India, civil work for SRF’s new BOPP line & Metallizer at Indore is also progressing as per schedule. With the support of its esteemed customers, SRF is confident of a vertical start-up of all its new lines that it hopes to ramp up to maximum capacities in the months to come.

Technical Textiles Business had an encouraging performance in FY21, aided by a quick recovery in the tyre industry. Customers continue to favor domestic supplies owing to supply volatility, which has resulted in imports substitution. In Belting Fabrics, SRF focus has been on the customization of fabric required by its customers from time to time. With its investment in modernization, capacity expansion, and technological up-gradation, SRF is aiming to build its Belting Fabrics facility in Viralimalai, India as one of the largest single-location belting fabrics sites in the world. SRF share price target for 2023 is Rs 3,150.

SRF share price target 2023
Rs 3,150

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SRF Share Price Target 2024

FY 2020- 21 began on a difficult note with the entire country under strict lockdown restrictions to control the surge of COVID-19. This resulted in the shutdown of all TTB manufacturing plants. However, as the unlock process started, all plants re-started operations, with strict safety protocols while maintaining product quality. By the end of H1 – 2020 – ‘21, all TTB segments witnessed a strong revival. Increased Government spending in infra sectors focus on personal mobility,

import restrictions on Chinese tyres and container shortage resulting in higher sea freight triggered an increase in domestic demand.

Tyre Cord Fabrics

Nylon Tyre Cord Fabric segment registered strong demand from both Original Equipment (OE) and replacement sectors during H2 – 2020 – ‘21. Restriction in tyre imports from China led to an increase in domestic tyre production across all segments resulting in overall growth in demand for Tyre Cord Fabrics (TCF). TCF segment also executed yarn capacity expansion and debottlenecking projects in FY 2020- ‘21.

Belting Fabrics

Belting Fabrics segment is a key supplier to end-user industries, namely, steel, cement, coal, and power generation. In FY 2020- ’21, all these industries witnessed a de-growth, thereby resulting in pressure on margins. However, with an increased focus on Value-Added Products (VAPs) and an integrated value chain, the Business was able to increase the overall market share and sales volume to domestic as well as export markets. With the ongoing expansion projects and a strong portfolio of VAPs, SRF will further consolidate its position in both the domestic as well as global markets in FY 2021- ‘22.

Polyester Industrial Yarn

The polyester Yarn segment witnessed a strong revival in H2 FY 2020 – ’21 due to increased demand from the auto segment and a stronger push in infra sectors. The continued focus on increasing sales of VAPs helped keep the margins healthy, despite the Chinese continuing to dump yarn into India at very low prices. The healthy margins trend is expected to continue in FY 2021- ‘22 as well.


The Technical Textiles Business is likely to perform well in FY 2021- ’22, owing to a revival in the demand of all major end-user industries. By considering all these factors, SRF share price target for 2024 is Rs 3,390.

SRF share price target 2024
Rs 3,390

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SRF Share Price Target 2025

Chemicals Business

The Chemicals Business comprises two different product segments, namely Fluorochemicals and Specialty Chemicals.


Refrigerants & Propellants and Industrial Chemicals FY 2020- ‘21 was a tough year for the refrigerants market globally. The auto and air-conditioner market declined initially, which resulted in a significant drop in refrigerant market demand along with selling prices. It was only in the latter part of the year that some revival in demand was witnessed, although the international prices remained subdued throughout the year. However, the Industrial Chemicals market performed well due to the growth in the pharma and agrochemicals segment.

The Industrial Chemicals Business was able to maintain its market share and launched a new product- Methyl Chloride in its CMS portfolio. Both Chemicals sites witnessed stable and safe operations during COVID-19 and nearly all the plants operated at full capacity during the second half of the year. SRF successfully launched its first ASHRAE product F 467A in the international market.

In addition, SRF received the European Pharmacopoeia certificate for its Dymel® product segment, along with the addition of new customers and geographies in this space. SRF continues to improve its process capability and was able to develop innovative processes in existing operations and filed new patents during the year. Overall performance for this year was lower than last year with the latter half of the year being significantly better, almost reaching pre-COVID-19 levels.


The Business is expected to do well on the back of robust GDP growth projections for major economies and India. In addition, the surge projected in domestic A/C and refrigerator production capacities in lieu of various Government policies and initiatives like the ban on pre-charged ACs imports, PLI, Atma Nirbhar Bharat or increase in personal mobility resulting in a boost to the auto sector augurs well for the Business.

Furthermore, with increased spending on healthcare and favorable Government policies, the pharma and agrochemical segments will also continue to grow. Exports are also likely to remain firm with a positive outlook in the US Economy, where SRF has already established a reasonable business share.

Overall, the Business is expected to improve its performance with better capacity utilization and commissioning of new plants like CMS in the latter half of the year 2021- ‘22, sales ramp-up of AHCL, and other cost improvement initiatives including supply chain stabilization along with keeping a close watch on how the macro scenario moves. The Business will focus on maintaining its market share of F 134a, F 32, F 125, HFC Blends, and Methylene Chloride, aside from its ongoing efforts to pursue growth in Industrial Chemicals with the addition of new products in its portfolio. By considering all the above-mentioned factors, SRF share price target for 2025 is Rs 3,740.

SRF share price target 2025
Rs 3,740

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SRF Share Price Target 2030

Specialty Chemicals Business

The Specialty Chemicals Business maintained its growth momentum during the year. COVID-19 related interruptions affected the Business mostly in the first quarter of the FY. The Business received support from the market despite the global pandemic. SRF focused on the customers’ key products and their developmental project requirements, while at the same time ensuring that the production capacities were optimally utilized during the year.

Both the sites managed production despite COVID-19 induced manpower challenges. This ensured continuity of customers’ supply chain. The Business captured the market opportunities and translated them into commercial propositions. The agility demonstrated in supplying some critical and complex intermediates was acknowledged by its customers and SRF was also bestowed the ‘Syngenta Supplier Award 2020 for Performance’ during the year.

The Business continues to remain focused on the agrochemical and pharmaceutical space, where SRF collaborates with major global innovators for process development, commercialization, and production of complex new-age molecules having downstream applications in agrochemical and pharmaceutical segments. During the year, the Business launched several new agrochemical and pharma intermediates and remained steadfast on its ‘Innovation and Technology Leadership’ journey. The production capacity of several products was enhanced significantly at both sites. Three new dedicated plants were also commissioned during FY 2020 – ‘21.

The Business made continual investments towards cleaner and leaner operations, in line with further strengthening its sustainability initiatives. All these measures have further enhanced the positioning of the Business in its ability to deliver complex specialty products and related intermediates. Outlook The Business continues to engage with global innovators to develop new-age products in our chosen markets and strives to serve its customers despite the ongoing challenges posed by the pandemic.

The Business, supported by its customers, is expected to continue showcasing its ability to supply critical intermediates and meet customers’ emerging needs. The Business will continue in its efforts to deliver better value to its customers as it remains committed to investing in emerging and futuristic technologies while having a strong focus on operational excellence to sustain growth. By considering all these opportunities, SRF share price target for 2030 is Rs 6,120.

SRF share price target 2030
Rs 6,120

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SRF Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030

YearShare Price Target
SRF share price target 2023Rs 3,150
SRF share price target 2024Rs 3,390
SRF share price target 2025Rs 3,740
SRF share price target 2030Rs 6,120

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the target of SRF?

SRF share price target for 2023 is Rs 3,150, SRF share price target for 2024 is Rs 3,390, SRF share price target for 2025 is Rs 3,740, and SRF share price target for 2030 is Rs 6,120.

Is SRF a good buy?

Yes, SRF is a good company in terms of financials and fundamentals. The company has shown a good profit growth of 31.62% over the past 3 years and the company has shown good revenue growth of 15.11% for the past 3 years.

Is SRF large-cap?

Yes, SRF is a large-cap company. A company with a market cap of more than 20,000 crores is called a large-cap. SRF’s market cap is around 80,000 crores.

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