Village Map With Survey Numbers In Telangana – Step By Step Guide

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Village Map With Survey Numbers In Telangana: Dharani Integrated Land Records is the official portal for the registration of agricultural and non-agricultural public property in the state of Telangana. Dharani was started by the Telangana government (land administration department) for the first time in the country. Its main objective is to increase transparency and efficiency in government, as well as to provide accountability for land registrations, mutations, asset transfers, and to provide secure, hassle-free services to the public. 

It specializes in eliminating loopholes in the registration process, storing land and property information on the Internet (online), simplifying the registration of agricultural lands, and ensuring that the entire registration process is completed within minutes, making the e-graduate passbook publicly available to landowners. Documents are available to the public in a matter of minutes. According to the new system policy.

Dharani Portal was launched by Telangana Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao on 29-10-2020 at the Muduchintalapalli Tehsildar’s office in Medchal district. The Dharani portal contains details of approximately 1,45,58,000 acres of agricultural land belonging to the public.

The specialty of this is that the buyer can complete the registration process in 20 minutes and get the e-passbook (certificate of ownership). The landlord can get the services he wants through the single window (single window) system through the Dharani portal. The Dharani Portal is a revolutionary milestone in corruption, transparency, and accountability as a way of life.

How To Get Village Map With Survey Numbers In Telangana

Follow the simple steps given below

Step 1 – Go to the Dharani portal by clicking here.

Step 2 – Click on agriculture as shown in the below image.

Village Map With Survey Numbers In Telangana

Step 3 – A new page will open, scroll down and click on ‘Cadastral maps’ as shown in the below image.

Village Map With Survey Numbers In Telangana

Step 4 – A new page will open, click on ‘Click here to continue’ as shown in the below image.

Village Map With Survey Numbers In Telangana

Step 5 – A new page will open as shown in the below image.

Village Map With Survey Numbers In Telangana

Step 6 – Select your district, division, Mandal, and the village. Then it will show the data of your village map with survey number in Telangana as shown in the below image.

Village Map With Survey Numbers In Telangana

How Dharani Portan Works – Which is also used to get Village Map With Survey Numbers In Telangana

The Dharani portal now comes with two sections – agricultural and non-agricultural properties such as houses, flats, plots, and other commercial structures. The owner selling a property will select the section (agricultural/non- agricultural) and feed in all the information as per the existing records and upload the supporting documents. The applicant will select the time slot as per the availability.

The seller and buyer will personally visit the office – Tehsildar office for agricultural and sub-registrar office for nonagricultural properties at the appointed time with all the documents. High-end computers with scanners and printers and high-speed broadband internet connections are set up for the registration work at all the 474 Tehsildar offices and 141 sub-registrar offices across the state. After verification of the documents, the registration process will be completed within 30 minutes, and mutation as per the division and transfer of the rights will also be done instantaneously, according to the officials.

In the old system, the process was too cumbersome. Sub-registrar would register the property in the new owner’s name and Tehsildar would do the mutation in the panchayat or municipal records. The entire process would take a few weeks and in some cases months and it lacked transparency.

For slot booking, which is now compulsory for any registration process, the owner needs to upload his or her Aadhaar card, PAN card and pay the registration fee online. If the party is not able to attend physically at the office at the appointed time, they can reschedule the slot for a future available date.

The registration and mutation will be completed within an hour and the updates will be made in the owner’s passbook and a new passbook will be issued to the buyer. The owners of all non-agricultural properties will be issued a maroon color passbook and for agricultural lands, the green ones will continue. “Dharani portal is a true revolution as far as land revenue and administration is concerned,” the government claims.

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