Costumes of Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi and more are available now for the 'Dead By Daylight' roster

Dead By Daylight has launched its first exclusive anime crossover with a 10-outfit collection inspired by Attack on Titan.

Today (July 19), Behaviour Interactive officially released its previously announced Attack On Titan collaboration in the form of downloadable content (DLC) collection.

The collection features eight Very Rare Outfits for Survivors and two Ultra Rare Outfits for Killers inspired by the massively popular anime and manga series.

Players will be able to dress Survivors to look like the main cast, including Dwight Fairfield in Eren’s uniform, Yui Kimura in Mikasa’s, Felix Richter in Armin’s and Jake Park in Levi’s.

Annie’s outfit is also available for Meg Thomas, Zarina Kassir will have Hange’s, Kate Denson will have  Historia’s and Kenny’s will be available for Ace Visconti.

For the Killers, The Armored Titan Outfit will be available for The Oni, while The War Hammer Titan Outfit can be equipped for The Spirit.

“The anime’s visuals and narrative had a significant, lasting effect on many of us. We are excited to introduce cosmetics from this critically acclaimed universe.”, explained Dead by Daylight creative director, Dave Richard.

The team also analysed the psychology of each Attack on Titan character and their individual journeys in order to assign costumes to the Dead By Daylight roster.

Alongside a sale taking place from now until July 26, players will also be able to log in today and will be gifted with the Cadet Corps Crest Charm to display in-game.

Four more Charms will be made available whenever a certain number of Outfits are purchased through the in-game store as well. These include the Scout Regiment Crest, Military Police Regiment Crest, Garrison Regiment Crest and the Wall Titan Charm.